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A testing, discovery, modeling and learning tool for Microsoft .Net

Now supports .Net 3.5, X64 platform and Windows Server 2008

Microsoft is now on it's fifth release of the .Net framework. There have been thousands of changes, additions and removals since version 1.1. For instance, the .Net framework's mscorlib.dll contains 20,544 methods, properties and constructors. Since version 1.0 Microsoft has added 7411 members and removed 781 in this assembly alone.
ClassMaster can help you keep up and write better code. ClassMaster is a software testing tool which enables you to easily and quickly unit test your code without having to write a test harness for every project. Add assemblies and navigate to public, private or internal methods. Right click and execute the code and see the results. Results can be viewed either in a datagrid, property grid, html or xml. Navigate to types, right click and create an object. You can inspect the object using the enhanced property grid. The enhanced property grid gives you the ability to drill down to other contained objects including private and internal objects.

ClassMaster is the ideal tool to prototype your class libraries. It helps you design better object models by visually seeing how they will appear and be used by other software developers. ClassMaster can also help you take full advantage of frameworks and class libraries. Now is the time to use ClassMaster to learn the new technologies from Microsoft including Workflow, WCF, WPF and SharePoint 2007. Add assemblies and browse. Find a type and a method of interest and execute the code. You can quickly see what it does. Go ahead and experiment with methods to see if they can be used in your own applications. ClassMaster makes this easy. ClassMaster has many features which makes unit testing easier. Save your tests so you don't have to keep entering your arguments everytime. BookMark your classes or methods to make navigation easier. Right click a method or type and execute a MSDN or Google search. See the amount of time it takes for the code to execute. ClassMaster can unit test class libraries, executables and web services.


Lots of features

ClassMaster has many features to make discovery much more productive.


Enter arguments in a variety of ways

ClassMaster has many ways a method argument can be entered. You can load arguments from files, xml documents and previous test results conntained in the object clipboard.


New enhanced collection editor

ClassMaster has a new enhanced collection editor giving you the ability to see properties of objects in a collection in various ways. Great for SharePoint development.


The object clipboard

The object clipboard lets you keep your objects so they can be used as arguments to other methods.

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